Why Buy Gold?

By | February 23, 2017

Why buy gold? Is it a smart move of a fool’s errand? These are some of the questions that come to mind when considering gold, especially for first-time investors. Let’s examine some key reasons for its attractiveness as a holding:

Why Buy Gold?

  • Money

    Five Dollar Gold Coin

    Gold is a tangible, physical asset. Gold can be held in you hand. Unlike fiat currency such as the dollar or the euro, gold is useful, beautiful, malleable, artistic and, most importantly, retains its storehouse of value when governments fail or paper money burns up.

  • Gold protects you against the ravages of inflation. Inflation is one of the greatest threats to your savings and investments. High inflation can dramatically reduce the value of the dollar and other global currencies. Look what hyperinflation did to post-WWI Germany or is doing to Venezuela today. Fortunately, gold rises in value when inflation rears its ugly head.
  • Legal Tender

                    Gold Dollar

    Gold hedges you against market volatility. Many investors have a portfolio of sticks and bonds. Nowhere near as many include gold in their asset mix. Truth be told, stocks and bonds do go down in value – sometimes these markets even crash. Thats’s one of the beautiful aspects of gold: when stocks and bonds head south, gold generally goes up. It’s a great hedge against adverse market conditions.

  • Buying gold is convenient and easy. Anyone can buy gold securely and conveniently through reputable online dealers. Golden Eagle Coins is our preferred source for gold.
  • When you want to sell your gold, the market is liquid and global. Gold is highly liquid and has a huge global market. When you want to sell – that is when gold price goes way up – you will have a ready market of available buyers. When that happen gold demand is high and you will make profits.

Where to Buy Investment-Quality Gold

Gold Bullion Bar

Gold Bullion Bar

Your best bet for making investments in bullion, whether gold bullion coins, gold bars or numismatic gold, is to buy online from reputable dealers that have a low prices, exceptional service and a long track record of  quality business. Golden Eagle Coins is our preferred source for gold bullion and you can rest assured that they will treat you well.

Don’t forget Amazon and eBay for gold  bullion.  Because of their active global platforms and the amount of business they do, you will find some of the lowest bullion prices on these sites.

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