US Mint Sales of Silver Bullion To Hit Record in 2015

By | October 31, 2015
American Silver Eagle Coin- Obverse

American Silver Eagle Coin- Obverse

Dateline October 31, 2015: The sale of silver bullion by the US Mint is on a tear. Silver bullion sales are so strong that 2015 is on pace to be a record sales year. In an earlier post, we had described that the Mint was running out of Silver Eagles due to high demand. Apparently the trend is continuing as 2015 advances. What is causing this?

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales

So far, 2015 sales year-to-date have exceeded the same period in 2014.   If current trends hold, the total number of ounces sold in 2015 will exceed last year’s record of 44,006,000. This according to a recent article by Ed Moy in NewsMaxFinance. Indeed, demand has been so high that it has outpaced the US Mint’s inventory of American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins.

The NewsMaxFinance article goes on to suggest several causes for this “silver rush” at the US Mint:

  •  Doubt on the Fed’s strategy of quantitative easing and low interest rates.
  • A decreased confidence in the US dollar.
  • An anomaly in the silver-gold price ratio, which makes silver a better buy than gold on a weight percent basis.
  • The general affordability of silver versus gold for individual buyers.
American Silver Eagle Coin

American Silver Eagle Coin

A View from the Individual Investor

Much of the demand for US Mint Silver Bullion has been spurred on by individual investors. Silver is cheaper and therefore more appealing than gold for  some smaller individual investors. For just over $20 a piece, the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin is affordable for many. Additionally, some individual investors who want exposure to precious metals find gold a bit costly. Accordingly, the “Average Joe” has been very active in the buying of silver bullion from the US Mint so far in 2015.

Purchasing Your Silver Bullion

At some point in time investor sentiment will reverse. The silver-gold ratio will revert to the mean. Buyers of silver now will stand to make some very nice profits. Apparently some savvy investors are already buying.

This is an excellent time to acquire US Minted Silver Eagle Bullion Coins for your own portfolio. Be sure to visit our preferred broker, Golden Eagle Coins, where you can safely order them for safe and immediate delivery at very low prices.

Update November 18, 2015: Sales keep on rolling along. The Mint has announced that it has sold out of both the 2015 tenth-ounce and 2015 quarter-ounce American Eagle gold coins, with no plans to produce more during 2015 (Source: Coin World). Investors are buying while the price is right.

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