The Coin Market in 2017 Could Outperform

By | February 1, 2017

2017 American Silver Eagle Coin

Dateline Feb 1, 2017: Collectors and investors in gold and silver coins may fare very well in 2017, this according to a recent piece by Ryan Vlastelica appearing in Market Watch.

A number of factors are in place or may come to be that will give a lift to the value of coins – not only rare ones but any made from precious metals such as gold or silver.

Inflation Possible in 2017

1856 US Gold Coin

Inflation can ravage the value of any savings or retirement nest-egg. Shrewd investors always hedge against it.

According to Vlastelica, “With inflation expected to rise this year, and a concurrently strengthening U.S. dollar seen eating into any gains that might be made by pure gold, investors may want to consider a niche asset class as a protection against market turbulence: rare coins.”

Owning gold and silver coins may be the best hedge: The Market Watch article cites a study by a Penn State University group showing that “Coins posted a higher correlation with inflation than other asset classes.”


The Trump Effect

President Trump

The election of President Trump as caused consternation in many circles. He has proposed large tax cuts and massive fiscal stimulus, that, if put into effect, could fuel inflation.

That could increase the appeal of gold as a hedge investment. Gold and silver coins would definitely benefit.

No one can predict the future with clarity. But with the waves that are being made but the election of Mr. Trump, coupled with some of the geopolitical happenings elsewhere across the globe, gold and silver coins may indeed be a great investment now.


Protect Yourself: Invest in Coins

1932 Washington Quarter

1932-D Washington Quarter

For many collectors and investors, silver coins represent a very affordable and easy way to begin investing in the coin market. Purchasing silver coins when silver prices are low, as they are now, gives most everyone the opportunity to participate in the coin market.

Gold coins are more more expensive, but can also be valuable additions to your investment. If your funds are limited, do not forget that there are plenty of low-priced gold coins available.

If your are a true coin collector, rare numismatic pieces can be had a relative value now. Coins such as the St Gaudens Double Eagle, the 1932-D and -S Washington Quarter, the 1916 Mercury Dime, and other key dates are worth looking at.

Where to Buy Coins

Gold and silver coins are available at very reasonable prices from bullion dealers, coin shops, and at venues such as Amazon. Some or our preferred online coin dealers, who offer great value and secure discreet shipping, include  Golden Eagle Coins, BGACS and Money Metals Exchange.

Now is a good time to buy.

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