The Coin Market in 2017

By | January 2, 2017
$20 Dollar Gold Piece

St. Gaudens Double Eagle

What will 2017 bring for coin collectors, bullion investors and the rare coin market? Many people are wondering how the election of a new US president as well as changing economic and geopolitical conditions will effect the value of their holdings. A recent article by Jeff Garrett in CoinWeek looks to 2017 and here is a synopsis of what he has to say:

The Coin Market in 2017: A Preview

According to Garrett, prices have been soft for most US coins in 2016. The market has been driven by collectors, who tend to be very “fussy” about their acquisitions and less so by investors, who can drive demand and raise the value of coins and bullion in a hurry. He suggests that the coin market could turn up in 2017:

  • The Election of Donald Trump: This is seen as good news for the coin market. Typical buyers of investment-grade and rare coins are those who think they will benefit from a “pro-business” administration, according to the article.
  • New Buyers: Garret has notes an “increased enthusiasm” by collectors and investors at recent coin fairs and shows. He also point out that a few large new investors have recently entered the market and are making millions in new investments.
  • American Gold Eagle

    American Gold Eagle

    Modern Coins: The addition of many new bullion coins into the market by the US Mint and other national mints has drawn many new collectors into the market. A percentage of these people will begin to add rare and vintage numismatic coins to their holding of bullion coins as time goes on.

In summary, Garret believes that now is an opportune time to be collecting rare and bullion coins. The coin market has faced headwinds recently, but may be poised for an increase in pricing. You could benefit from this.

Your Call To Action

1932 Washington Quarter

1932-D Washington Quarter

For many collectors and investors, silver coins represent a very affordable and easy way to begin investing in the coin market. Accumulating these pieces when silver prices are low, as they are at the time of this writing, gives most everyone the opportunity to participate in the inevitable rise in silver price going forward. The market for these coins is very liquid, meaning that when you wish to sell for a profit, it will be very easy to do so.

Gold coins are more dear, but can also be valuable additions to your collection and investment. If your funds are limited, do not forget that there are plenty of low-priced gold coins available.

If your are a true coin collector, rare numismatic pieces can be had a relative value now. Coins such as the St Gaudens Double Eagle, the 1932-D and -S Washington Quarter, the 1916 Mercury Dime, and other key dates are worth looking at.

Where to Buy Coins in 2017

These coins are available at very reasonable prices from bullion dealers, coin shops, and at venues such as eBay and Amazon. Some or our preferred online coin dealers, who offer great value and secure discreet shipping, include  Golden Eagle Coins, BGACS and Money Metals Exchange.

Now is a good time to buy.

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