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Significance of the 1964 Silver Quarter

The 1964 silver quarter is the last year of issue of silver quarters for general circulation by the US Mint. Up until and including 1964, the US quarter dollar coin was composed of 90 percent silver. Beginning in 1965 and continuing to the present day, US quarters for business circulation have no silver content. They… Read More »

Silver Coins for Christmas

It’s not too early to begin thinking about gift-giving for the Christmas season. Consider giving silver coins for Christmas. These coins are actually quite affordable and can make a truly cherished gift. Gift-Giving at the First Christmas If you are familiar with the Christmas story, you’ll remember that the Three Wise Men, visitors from the East,… Read More »

Silver Coin Collecting Tips

For the beginner, silver coins are often the best of the precious metals to start with.  Up until 1965, it was the major component of dimes, quarters, half dollars in the United States. There is a large supply of silver coins available to purchase for investment and collecting. Many of these silver coins can be purchased… Read More »