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Collect Peace Dollars

Peace The civilized world was thrust into a bloody, deadly conflict during the First World War. Also known as the Great War, it lasted from 28 July 1914  until 11 November 1918. More than 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians lost their lives in this war. It was and still is one of the world’s deadliest conflicts in history. The conflict… Read More »

australian silver kangaroo coins

The beloved Australian kangaroo is now presented in outstanding rendition as legal-tender bullion coinage by the Perth Mint. Australian Silver Kangaroo Coins There is no creature more commonly associated with Australia than the kangaroo. Now the Perth Mint is offering a stunningly beautiful bullion coin iconifying this magnificent creature. The coin is valued at AUS $1.00 and… Read More »

Coin Supply Express: The Premier Coin Supply Store

You know you need to carefully store and properly preserve your beloved and valuable coin collection. Finding the right supplies at a reasonable price may prove more difficult than you would like. Ever notice that it can be hard to obtain everything you want at a local coin shop? We are happy to recommend Coin Supply Express when… Read More »