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Purchase Silver Bars Online

Silver bars have the potential to appreciate in value when other investment falter. For centuries, silver has been a prized precious metal and storehouse of value. Silver also has an important role in many industrial applications, also contributing to its value. Today,  investors are still buying silver. Many efficiently and safely purchase silver bars online from… Read More »

Coin Market Trends: The Anatomy of a Price Bottom

Dateline June 12, 2015: How deep of a bear market in gold do we find ourselves in? A recent article on coin market trends by Debarati Roy in Bloomberg sums it up: “Even coin collectors have given up on gold.” Here are some notable quotes from the article:  ” “What we are seeing is complete capitulation,”… Read More »

australian silver kangaroo coins

The beloved Australian kangaroo is now presented in outstanding rendition as legal-tender bullion coinage by the Perth Mint. Australian Silver Kangaroo Coins There is no creature more commonly associated with Australia than the kangaroo. Now the Perth Mint is offering a stunningly beautiful bullion coin iconifying this magnificent creature. The coin is valued at AUS $1.00 and… Read More »

Why Silver Is A Good Investment Now

Dateline March 31,2016: Both gold and silver have had an incredible run up during the first quarter of this year. Gold has outperformed silver so far in 2016. But going forward, silver may have better prospects for continued price appreciation. Reasons why silver is a good investment now, especially as compared to gold, were recently outlined… Read More »

Australian Koala Coin

Showcasing the Marvelous Marsupial in Bullion The Australian Koala Coin has been produced as a series of limited-edition issues by the the Australian Perth Mint. These bullion coins are minted to commemorate Australia’s iconic animal, the koala, while it is perched in a eucalyptus tree as it browses for its favorite food. The coin comes in silver, gold and platinum… Read More »