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Collect Shipwreck Coins

Collect Shipwreck Coins One of the neat things about numismatics is that it brings the coin collector in confluence with history. Most collectors are aware that the images on coins commemorate different people, ideas, circumstances and events. If you are one of the few who actually collect shipwreck coins, you are keenly aware of the… Read More »

Spanish Shipwreck Coins Could Be Worth Billions

  Dateline December 8, 2015: An amazing discovery of an old shipwrecked Spanish Galleon off the coast of Colombia contains coins and other treasure valued in the billions of dollars, according to CNN. This unto itself is an amazing discovery. Spanish Conquest In the second half of the last millenium,  Spain was aggressive in their desire for… Read More »

Florida Shipwreck Gold Found

Dateline July 28, 2015: In the 1700’s, as European expeditions plied the waters off eastern North America, some of these ships were laden with gold. Inevitably some of these ships were wrecked, due to weather or battle, and their precious cargo sank along with them. From time to time, these treasure troves are rediscovered. Found:… Read More »