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Collect Peace Dollars

Peace The civilized world was thrust into a bloody, deadly conflict during the First World War. Also known as the Great War, it lasted from 28 July 1914  until 11 November 1918. More than 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians lost their lives in this war. It was and still is one of the world’s deadliest conflicts in history. The conflict… Read More »

Why Silver Is A Good Investment Now

Dateline March 31,2016: Both gold and silver have had an incredible run up during the first quarter of this year. Gold has outperformed silver so far in 2016. But going forward, silver may have better prospects for continued price appreciation. Reasons why silver is a good investment now, especially as compared to gold, were recently outlined… Read More »

What’s In A Dime?

Dateline January 9, 2016: What’s in a dime? Or, more precisely, what’s a dime worth? What’s in a dime?:  It depends on the dime. Common Modern American Dimes Since 1965, all US dimes are made of a cheap alloy that contains no silver. These dimes consist of 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel and weigh 2.268 grams. According to Coinflation,… Read More »

Texas Gold and Silver

US Silver Dollar Coin Dateline April 18, 2015. A bill submitted to the Texas State Senate would permit gold and silver coins minted by the United States government to be used as legal tender across the state, according to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News. The bill was submitted by State Senator Konni… Read More »