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Purchase Silver Bars Online

Silver bars have the potential to appreciate in value when other investment falter. For centuries, silver has been a prized precious metal and storehouse of value. Silver also has an important role in many industrial applications, also contributing to its value. Today,  investors are still buying silver. Many efficiently and safely purchase silver bars online from… Read More »

Texas Gold Depository?

Dateline June 1, 2015: The state of Texas is considering creating a Texas Gold Depository within the borders of the state and in direct competition with federal depositories at Ft. Knox and at the banks in New York, according to a recently published article in the Dallas Morning News. Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione has worked for… Read More »

Invest in Carson City Mint Coins

Carson City mint coins are much sought after by collectors and investors. Many, if not most, of these coins are of low mintage and are quite rare. They tend to command high prices. Most collectors are familiar with and have many specimens of coins minted by the Philadelphia, Denver and SanFrancisco mints. In addition to… Read More »

Gold and Silver on Amazon

Formerly a simple online bookstore, now the largest online retailer in the United States, Amazon has become a great place to shop for just about anything. And, of interest to us, you can find some great deals on gold and silver on Amazon. Rare gold and silver coins as well as gold and silver bars… Read More »