Spanish Shipwreck Coins Could Be Worth Billions

By | December 8, 2015


Spanish Eight Escuedo Coin

Spanish Eight Escuedo Coin

Dateline December 8, 2015: An amazing discovery of an old shipwrecked Spanish Galleon off the coast of Colombia contains coins and other treasure valued in the billions of dollars, according to CNN. This unto itself is an amazing discovery.

Spanish Conquest

Sailing ship

Spanish Ship

In the second half of the last millenium,  Spain was aggressive in their desire for conquest. The New Wold beckoned. Christopher Columbus, although an Italian mariner from Genoa, was commissioned by Spain to sail to the New World. Following his epic discoveries, the Spanish conquistadores made bold moves in the Americas. At their height, the Spanish controlled the Americas from what it now the northwest USA at one end to Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America at the other end.

Among other things, one of their main desires of the Spanish expeditions was to bring these riches and natural resources back to Spain. In the course or their endeavors, many ships of the day were carrying valuables back and froth from the New World to the Old.

The Colombian Find


Map of Colombia

According to CNN: Colombia has proudly announced that it has found the wreck of the San Jose,  a Spanish galleon sunk some 300 years ago in the Caribbean. The ship was carrying gold, silver and gems estimated in value as high as $17 billion.

“Great news: We found the galleon San Jose!,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced.

CNN further recounted: “The San Jose was the flagship and largest galleon of a Spanish fleet carrying gold and silver from the mines of Potosi, Peru. It was traveling from Portobello, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia, but the British intercepted it off Cartagena.”

Because of its great value, the discovery off Colombia’s coast is certain to intensify an ongoing international dispute over the treasure, even before a single coin has yet to be recovered from the wreck.

Shipwreck Coins

Bound for Glory

Spanish Galleon

In the times of the Colonial Americas, as European expeditions sailed the seas of the New World, many of these ships were laden with gold. Inevitably some of these ships were wrecked, due to weather or battle, and their valuable cargo sank along with them. From time to time, these treasure troves are rediscovered.

Earlier this year, a colonial Spanish sailing ship carrying gold and other artifacts was discovered off the coast of Florida.

Indeed, collecting shipwreck gold can be both an exciting adventure as well as a lucrative hobby.


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    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for your comment Michael. Indeed, in colonial times, seafaring ships of the colonial powers had a number of functions. One was the conveying of gold, silver and other riches back to the mother country. Coin collecting and history go hand-in-hand.


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