Silver Coin Collecting Tips

By | January 24, 2015
American Silver Eagle Coin

American Silver Eagle Coin

For the beginner, silver coins are often the best of the precious metals to start with.  Up until 1965, it was the major component of dimes, quarters, half dollars in the United States. There is a large supply of silver coins available to purchase for investment and collecting. Many of these silver coins can be purchased at a modest cost so that even the beginning collector can afford them.  Additionally, silver is less expensive than gold. Hence, the cost to begin a collecting and investing program in silver coins is lower than the cost needed to buy even a few gold coins. Beginning collectors with a modest budget can Buy Silver Coins Online to get the best deals from the privacy of their own home.


Here are some silver coin collecting tips:

  • Become aware of the variety of beautiful silver coins that you can collect: In the U.S. all pre-1964 dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins are made of silver. Look at the beautiful designs of Mercury dimes, Walking Liberty Halves, Standing Liberty quarters, Washington Quarters, Peace Dollars and Morgan Dollars, to name a few. Get to know the main silver coin types and the key and semi-key dates for each.
  • Take a close look at silver bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle. It is a gorgeous piece with an excellent design. The Walking Liberty motif appears on the obverse of this coin, a design brought back from the Walking Liberty Half produced from 1916-1947. On the reverse is a powerful image of the bald eagle with wings spread out, along with 13 stars for the original 13 states of the United States are the identifiers of a traditional American Eagle coin.
  • Do not restrict yourself to U.S. coins. The Canadian Maple Leaf, the Austrian Philharmonic, the China Panda, among others are wonderful to collect and make great investments.

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coinamong many others, are excellent investments and collectibles. These bullion coins have beautiful and intricately appealing designs as well.

  • Determine where you will buy your silver coins. For ease, value and security, buying online may be your best option. Local dealers and auction houses such as eBay are also good alternatives.


Enjoy Yourself

Above all, enjoy the process. These few silver coin collecting tips are straightforward and easy to follow. Start slowly. Learn about your coins, their designs, the times during which they were minted. There are stories and histories to be learned as you add to your investments.

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