Significance of the 1964 Silver Quarter

By | November 3, 2015
the last silver quarter

1964 Silver Quarter

The 1964 silver quarter is the last year of issue of silver quarters for general circulation by the US Mint. Up until and including 1964, the US quarter dollar coin was composed of 90 percent silver. Beginning in 1965 and continuing to the present day, US quarters for business circulation have no silver content. They are now made of a cheap alloy that when melted down is worth maybe a few cents.

The year 1964 is marked by coin collectors as the death of silver coinage in the US. From then on, instead of quarters, dimes and half dollars being made of the precious metal silver, they are mere tokens in a fiat currency system.

The 1964 quarter is not particularly rare at all. They were produced in abundance by the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Nonetheless, because of their silver content, they are worth much more than twenty-five cents today.

US quarters

A Pile of US Quarters

Value of the US Silver Quarter

Up to 1964, US silver quarters were worth twenty-five cents. When the US stopped making quarters, dimes and half dollars from silver, the value of the old silver coinage became tied to the price of silver. Suddenly, the 1964 silver quarter became much more valuable than twenty-five cents.

  • In fact, at the time of this writing, a 1964 silver quarter, if melted down and sold for its silver content  is valued at $2.77. That is over 1100 percent of its face value. (values from Coinflation)

Old (pre-1965) silver dimes, half dollars and silver dollars are also worth far more today than their original face value. How’s that for inflation?

1964 JFK Silver Half Dollar

1964 JFK Silver Half Dollar; made of 90% Silver

Get in on the Action

1964 Washington Quarters were produced in abundance. You can buy these as a investment hedge and as keepsakes form a time when coins had real value. As the US dollar continues to decline in value, these coins will keep appreciating. Make your purchases through Amazon or through our preferred broker, Golden Eagle Coins.

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10 thoughts on “Significance of the 1964 Silver Quarter

  1. Camille

    I had no idea that quarters were made of silver till 1964! I feel foolish about how many have passed through my fingers at a mere 25 cents. When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave each of her grandchildren a silver dollar in their birthday card every year. I am happy to say, I believe I am the only grandchild who has kept those silver dollars to this day, so I may pass them on to my children. I will be watching the quarters that pass through my hands more closely now! Thank you for a great article!

    1. Mike Post author

      Great to hear from you Camille. You grandmother was a smart lady. Each of your Silver Dollars is worth $11.04 as of today (November, 2015).

  2. Joon

    I’ve been quite interested in investing in silver. I have close to zero knowledge of what it is all about but ever since one of my closest friends was talking about investing in silver, I’ve been interested in it. So your website should be a good starting point for me to find out more about investing in silver or gold.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Joon, Yes, this website is the place for beginners such as yourself to gain the knowledge needed to make good choices in gold and silver. Please make your purchases through our advertised affiliates.

  3. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Mike,

    I enjoyed reading your article on the history of the 1964 quarter. Truly had no idea that melting a quarter down from 1964 would be worth more than its face value. To this day, I bet hardly anyone knows this simple history fact thank you for sharing this and showing where to purchase.
    Yours Truly,

    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Carlton, Indeed the melt value of silver quarters is worth far more than twenty-five cents. Over the course of history, people have melted down coins for their precious metal value. You would do well to stockpile a few.

  4. grln

    Hi there!
    Wow honestly what an interesting site! So informative! I want to find this quarter so bad….I don’t have a logical reason why but I guess I just love objects of the past. They’re beautiful, ancient, and valuable. I myself collect old coins. I have many silver dollars, half-dollar pieces and two-dollar bills!! I’d now like to just collect the oldest of our modern coins.

  5. Martin Kelly

    I was a coin collector and when I was a kid I once turned my silver in and hit Europe back in ’83. It does work. In the past I have also bought and sold silver bullion at a profit so your site is sound. I have heard that silver is priced very low to value. So its another good time to invest. Great Site.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Martin. You sound like an old hand at silver investing. Great moves! Wishing you continued success with the precious metals. If you are considering some purchases, please look at our affiliates on this site.


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