Scarce Modern US Commemorative Coins

By | November 12, 2015
Commemorative Coin

1998 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Coin

Scarce modern US commemorative coins may well be a great investment to make now. Over the last two decades, the Untied States had minted numerous commemorative silver and gold bullion-grade coins. Most of these commemorate key individuals, events and locations in American history. Themes such as African-American Patriots, National Parks, Historic Landmarks and the Olympics are artistically remembered in this coinage. These coins have been minted for collectors and investors, not for general circulation. Most of these coins are struck in both brilliant uncirculated and proof grades.

Discerning the Best Investments in Modern Commemoratives

These coins can make excellent investments. Those with the best investment potential are the ones with the lowest mintages. Interestingly, most of the low mintages are in the uncirculated rather than the proof versions. This contrasts with most other coin situations, where the proof is more valuable than the uncirculated strike.

The following five, having the lowest mintages (all under 10,000 pieces struck) in the uncirculated grade, can be considered scarce modern US commemorative coins:

Coin                                                                            Condition                  Mintage

1997 $5 Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary        UNC                             5,202

2000 $10 Library of Congress                                 UNC                             6,683

1996 $5 Smithsonian 150th Anniversary              UNC                             9,068

1996 $5 Olympic Flag Bearers                                UNC                             9,174

1996 $5 Olympic Cauldron/Flame                         UNC                             9,210

Source: (Ganz, 2010)

By contrast, most of the other modern commemoratives have mintages in the hundreds of thousands or millions. For example, the 1986 Statue of Liberty fifty-cent piece had over 7,800,000 specimens struck.


 Obtain these Rare Modern Coins at a Comfortable Price

As you can see, some of these commemoratives have only a few thousand pieces minted. They are not old enough yet to have risen greatly in value. You can find these sparsely minted coins on Amazon, eBay, or at quality coin dealers. Your outlay today for coins such as these are not as high as you might expect. As time goes on, their value will increase and your investment will grow. Coins like these make good sense for the modern collector/investor with dedication but limited resources.

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  1. Terrance

    This is very interesting. Never knew coins could be so expensive. By the way, my grandfather has a coin collection, I am not sure how valuable they are, but I will suggest he looks into their value (if he already doesn’t know).

    Is there any place to find the value of particular coins?


  2. Ananomyx

    I have been recently speaking to my wife about starting a coin collection, and I don’t think it was coincidence I am running into your site. Their is a lot of good information that I will have to take the time to read but their is a wealth of information. Thank you for taking your time and setting it up! IT’S AWESOME!

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      Thanks for visiting. As a budding collector, feel free to contact us with any additional questions.As you start your collection, I hope you will patronize the affiliates on this site. They are reputable outfits that offer good value.


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