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By | January 22, 2015

coin-60532_1280In order to invest and collect in gold and silver coins you must acquire them. Buying gold and silver online is easy, safe and affordable. Here at Gold and Silver Investors, we suggest you make your first and subsequent purchases online through one of our advertisers, JM Bullion.

JM Bullion is an online retailer that supplies individual investors with gold and silver products at the lowest prices possible. They offer a full catalogue of silver and gold coins and bullion. Their product line is simple and consistent. Ordering and delivery is straightforward and fast. Their customer service has always been a top priority. They always answer any questions quickly and in the best interest of the customer. Many of their customers have come back time and time again, which attests to their shopping experiences well as to the customer service they have received.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Don’t just believe our recommendation. Here are a few other reviews from satisfied customers:

    “I made three smallish orders during the Christmas season and was surprised and pleased that all three arrived in timely fashion–the Post Office, too, gets five stars–and were extremely well packaged, discrete but very secure. Nice job, guys, especially during a very busy time of year. And I haven’t been bothered with a telephone solicitation call from JM Bullion, so yes, I will buy from them again.” – John N Maclean | January 13, 2015
    “I recently decided to give JMB a try and was I ever impressed! I have been buying from a local dealer where I have been paying a $3.00 premium on each ounce of silver AND a 7% tax. Never buying metals on-line I was slightly skeptical about the process. However, after ordering from JBM all doubt has been taken away. The premium on my silver was half of what I was paying with FREE shipping with NO tax. I was kept informed with e-mails on the process of my order and with a double check on my invoice for quality assurance gave me peace of mind. Oh yes, the product, 20 ounces, of Sunshine Rounds are awesome. Real quality. I have also placed another order for their ten ounce silver bars!. It pays to shop and find the deals out there and JBM has earned my trust. Thanks again JBM.” – KEVIN | January 05, 2015
    “I ordered Gold & Silver – and all the transactions were very high quality, excellently packed, new bullion , no scratches, and excellent customer service. I plan to do more business with JM Bullion. These guys are GENUINE and are high quality people to deal with.” – Jubin D Upadhyay | December 05, 2014

Buying rare silver coins online is a smart and easy process with JM Bullion. Give them a try.

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    1. Mike

      Thanks Averagely. Yes, gold and silver represent a good investment. Please consider purchasing through the links on this site.

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    Nice information about Gold and Siver. You caught my interest. I will have to share your site with some people!

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      Appreciate the positive feedback. Please do share this site. I’m sure many folks would be interested.

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