Rarest Gold British Coin Found

By | October 28, 2016

Queen Anne Vigo Coin (Courtesy: Daily Star UK)

Dateline October 28, 2016: An incredibly well-preserved specimen of the rarest British gold coin ever minted has recently turned up in a child’s toy pirate chest. The amazing find has recently been reported by The UK Daily Star and in the ITech Post.

The fairy-tale like story is abridged from the sources as follows:


Queen Anne Vigo Coin with other, less-valuable historic coins (Courtesy: Daily Star UK)

A resident of Bishop Stortford, UK, recently found out that one of the coins among his son’s pirate treasure collection is an extremely rare 18th-century gold coin minted in 1703. The coin came from the resident’s grandfather. He had no idea that it might be valuable. As time went on, he gave the coin to his son as part of the child’s own treasure collection.

In fact, the  coin was made over 300 years ago and was the first British coin ever to feature the name of the battle the British were victorious in, the Battle of Vigo.  In that battle, British forces seized Franco-Spanish sailing ships that were returning from America and were carrying a treasure of gold and silver.

According to the Daily Star:

  • “The coin was one of only 20 ever minted with 7.5 lbs of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships by the British in 1702 following the Battle of Vigo”.
  • “Of the 20 [minted], five remain unaccounted for”.
  • “In 2012 another of the coins sold for nearly £300,000 (about $365,000) at auction.”

The family now plans to sell the coin at auction in the near future.

Rare Coins are Turning Up All Over

As we have chronicled on this site, many fabulous finds of rare historic coins have turned up in recent years. Within the last few years, major finds of colonial coinage of the Americas have been found off the coasts of Florida and Colombia. The Middle East contines to reaveal great finds, both on land and offshore. In fact, some people specialize in collecting shipwreck coins.


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2 thoughts on “Rarest Gold British Coin Found

  1. Steve

    Very interesting story! Love seeing historical British item like this! Amazing how they can just show up like this!
    Do you know who the monarch featured on the coin is ? I have a number of coins with our last monarch George VI but nothing as old as this ?

    1. Mike Post author

      Thank you Steve for your visit and comment. Indeed, it is quite amazing where some valuable coins turn up. This situation is particularly amazing, almost fictional in nature. The royal depicted on the coin is Queen Anne Stuart.


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