Rare Washington Quarters for Investors

By | February 15, 2015
1932 Quarter

1932 Quarter

The Washington quarter has been minted by the US from 1932 and continues to the present day. Originally made of 90% silver, since 1965 it has no silver content. So, the more valuable quarters are those made of silver from 1932-1964. But of these, which are the truly rare Washington quarters and most sought after by collectors and investors?

The key here is the number of quarters minted. It turn out that the 1932-D and 1932-S are the ones with the lowest numbers struck by the mints, and therefore they are the most sought after. Let’s take a look at the mintages of these early dates:

1932-D   436,800 coins minted

1932-S   408,000 coins minted

All other varieties of silver Washington quarters were produced in excess of 1,000,000 coins each and are far less rare.


Significance to Collectors and Investors

1932 Washington Quarter

1932 Washington Quarter

The investor is less interested in the collecting and more interested in the value of these rare Washington quarters. He or she will attempt to acquire them at a fair price and hold them until he or she can sell them at a much higher price, which usually coincides to a high price for silver bullion as well. The investor will be interested in obtaining the better grades, such as Almost Uncirculated, or Uncirculated, and will demand that they have been certified by an independent coin grading agency. The collector may have a different take. He or she will realize that these are the key dates for the series and will always be on the lookout for these dates. They may accept a low quality coin just to help complete the series and upgrade later. Either way, these are the Washington Quarters that are most sought after by collector and investor alike.

Buying and Selling Rare Washington Quarters

Your local coin dealer will probably be able to provide you with these coins. However, the best prices are usually found online. Check out Amazon and eBay. You will probably find good deals on both those sites.

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