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By | September 14, 2016

th-1Silver bars have the potential to appreciate in value when other investment falter. For centuries, silver has been a prized precious metal and storehouse of value. Silver also has an important role in many industrial applications, also contributing to its value. Today,  investors are still buying silver. Many efficiently and safely purchase silver bars online from trusted dealers. You can as well.

Introduction to Silver Bars

images-2Silver bullion bars are generally rectangular in shape and are made of .995 % or higher pure silver. They are very liquid. Their price fluctuates with the silver market and often moves differently than stocks and bonds. Silver bars are generally available for a little over spot silver price on any given day.

  • Silver bars are minted by many governments mints, such as the Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint, and by a host of private well-known mints such as the Sunshine, Hamilton and Highland mints.
  • These bars are available in a variety of sizes and weights, making it affordable even for small investors. Common sizes include the 1-ounce, 5-ounce, 10-ounce, 1 kilogram, and 100-ounce bars. Many investors buy more of the smaller sized bars so that they can sell off a portion of their holdings for a nice profit at times of high silver prices.


Why Buy Silver Bars

thThe main reason to buy silver bars is for investment purposes. Buying silver bars at good prices has proven to be an excellent method to build wealth.

  • Precious metals, including silver, have long been a storehouse of value for counties and people since the dawn of civilization. Most countries used to make money from silver and gold, although of late most coinage and currency is made of cheap metal or paper. Modern currency is known as Fiat Currency. Its value is what it is because the government says so, not because it is made of or backed by precious metals.
  • People buy silver bars for the silver bullion value. They prefer that to silver coins because they are not interested in paying a premium for numismatic value – they just want to own the silver.
  • You can buy newly minted silver bars or bars held by previous owners. Often good deals can be had by purchasing silver bars online for private owners.

Where to Purchase Silver Bars Online

You can purchase silver bars online from a number of trusted sources. Great values can be found every day on Amazon and at eBay.

Many people prefer to make their purchases from trusted private dealers. They develop a long-term relationship with them and add to their investment periodically. We recommend BGASC as a trusted source for silver bars.

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6 thoughts on “Purchase Silver Bars Online

  1. Omar Sanchez

    Hey Mike! I found this article very fascinating! I used to look at silver, gold, platinum, as well as palladium bars when I was in my teens. Now that I am 21, I am starting to think I should invest in them, as I see that doing that may increase my wealth.

    One question, which bars do you tend to invest in more often? Silver bars or gold bars? Yes a lot of silver bars/coins are minted to keep the value afloat. I find it funny how that we have a fiat currency and that our currency is made up of cheap metals and paper instead of precious metals.

    Great Article!:)

    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Omar,

      Thanks for visiting. I prefer the silver bars because I can almost always get them at an affordable price. Best wishes for your investing success.

  2. Kevin

    I mostly collect silver coins. In the past I had thought about buying silver bars, but haven’t done so yet. Now would probably be a good idea seeing that silver is low at the moment. Your article is very informative from telling us why we should purchase silver bars to where we can purchase them.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thank you Kevin for reading the article and your positive comments. Yes indeed, there are some good buys on silver bars now. Please check with our advertisers on this page.

  3. Dejan

    Hello there,
    I am already an owner of a few golden bars. I’ve been thinking of buying more, perhaps even silver bars. I usually go to the local shop which focuses directly on selling golden and silver bars/coins. Do you believe that buying on eBay etc. will be cheaper? On the other hand, though, how safe is it to buy there? Isn’t there a big risk of something happening during the transport? Wouldn’t like that to happen.

    1. Mike Post author

      Excellent questions Dejan. You will probably find better prices from online dealers than your local store because online dealers such as eBay, Amazon, Golden Eagle Coins and BGASC deal in very large volumes of sales, making it easier to offer their gold and silver at the lowest prices. Secure and quick shipping is the norm from these outfits. The shipping comes with a tracking number and generally with a money back guarantee.


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