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By | October 16, 2015


The artistry of many gold and silver coins is downright awesome. What better place to check out this beauty is at the social media site Pinterest.  There are several wonderful pinning board at Pinterest for gold and silver coins.  A nice browse of some of the gold and silver posting boards will provide some beautiful eye-candy to the neophyte and advances collector alike.

Gold and Silver Investors Pinterest Board.

We at Gold and Silver Investors have our own Pinerest Board. You are invited to have look. In many ways, it’s like going to a virtual coin store.


Some gorgeous coins that are posted on our site are:

These are but a few of the beauties depicted there. If you have your own Pinterest Board, feel free to use the images on your own.

A Modest Proposal

$20 Dollar Gold Piece

St. Gaudens Double Eagle

If your perusal of these images piques your interest in obtaining or collecting beautiful gold and silver coins, please make your purchases through the advertisers on this site. Remember, these coins make great gifts as well.

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