Now May Be A Good Time To Invest In Gold

By | October 13, 2016


Dateline October 13, 2016: Now may be a good time to invest in gold, according to a recent article in CNBC. So far this year we have had an amazing bull run in gold and other precious metals, lifting the yellow metal up 18 percent and into a new bull market. During the 3rd quarter of this year, gold passed the $1350/oz. mark several times. Recently it has retraced back to near $1260/oz.

CNBC’s View On Gold

American Eagle Gold

The CNBC article by Luke Graham, published October 11, 2016, mentioned several points that make a strong case for holding gold in your portfolio.

  • Joni Teves, a UBS strategist mentioned in the article, stated: “We think that the recent price correction and sizeable decline in positioning improves the risk-reward for gold, allowing those who are looking to build longer-term gold exposures to build positions at better levels.”
  • Also, India and China, the world’s biggest gold consumers,  are heading into their traditional gold buying season and many Indians and Chinese have pent-up demand for gold.
  • Additionally, adverse surprises in the US Presidential election and in the global interest rate picture also have the ability to spur gold upward.

Gold’s recent price retracement may simply be a buying opportunity for shrewd investors.

Where to Buy Investment-Quality Gold

Gold Bullion Bar

Gold Bullion Bar

Your best bet for making investments in bullion, whether gold bullion coins, gold bars or numismatic gold, is to buy online from reputable dealers that have a low prices, exceptional service and a long track record of  quality business. Golden Eagle Coins is our preferred source for gold and silver bullion and you can rest assured that they will treat you well.

Don’t forget Amazon and eBay for gold  bullion.  Because of their active global platforms and the amount of business they do, you will find some of the lowest bullion prices on these sites.

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2 thoughts on “Now May Be A Good Time To Invest In Gold

  1. Roger Humbke

    I also believe it is a good time to buy gold and silver bullion.When Physical (not paper) Supply and Demand of set the price there will be a change. It seems impossible for banks and financial groups to illegally control the price of commodities when the government puts individuals in prison for such actions. The press and government were not nice with the Hunt Brothers when they tried to corner Silver, yet have turned a blind eye to what banks and financial institutions have been doing for years.

    Perhaps sanity will return to the market in 2017, but only time will tell. In the meantime I will accumulate bullion and keep it in a hole in the ground somewhere in the wilderness!

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks Roger. You bring up several great points. Indeed, I agree with you, invest in bullion now as a hedge against geopolitical uncertainty. Just look at what’s happening in Syria, Iraq and Venezuela these days for the evidence.


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