Hoard of Rare Viking Coins Discovered

By | December 15, 2015
Viking Coin

Rare Viking Coin depicting Alfred the Great and King Ceolwulf II (Courtesy The Telegraph)











Dateline December 15, 2015: Recently, a unique hoard of rare Viking coins has been turned up by a metal-detecting hobbyist in the UK. According to The Telegraph, the find, made up of 186 coins, seven pieces of jewelry and other treasure, was uncovered by James Mather, an amateur metal detector, while he was scanning in a muddy field in Watlington, Oxfordshire.

The discovery could shed some light on English history of the 800’s. One of the coins depicting Alfred the Great of Wessex and King Ceolwulf II of Mercia, suggests they may have ruled their kingdoms as co-equals.  Until now, Alfred the Great was believed to be far more powerful than Ceolwulf in the 800’s.

Viking Hoard

A Selection of the Viking Hoard (Courtesy The Telegraph)

Viking Conquests

The Vikings were northern European people who expanded from their Scandinavian homelands into wide areas of northern and central Europe, as well as European Russia, during the late 8th to late 11th centuries.  Their legacy stretched at its height from Newfoundland, Canada to present day Turkey.

They were awesome seafarers, famous for their longships with beautifully carved, upturned prows. Known both as excellent traders and barbaric plunderers, they had a strong influence on other peoples during their heyday, often striking great fear during their daring raids.

Collect Viking Coins

Ancient coins are collected for their numismatic and historical value by many collectors. In addition to Viking coins, ancient Roman, Persian, Chinese and Mesopotamian coins are popular in some numismatic circles.

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