Government Control of Currency: A Good Idea?

By | April 15, 2015

120px-American_CashDateline April 15, 2015: As Americans celebrate yet another Tax Day (April 15), it is noteworthy to point to a recent article by David Levenstein on the website GoldSilverWorlds. The article suggests that governments that control currencies – that is all of them, even the wealthiest ones – are in no great economic shape. Add because of this, the fiat currencies of the world are in big trouble.


For example in the US, employers added the fewest number of jobs in more than a year in March. This is the latest sign of weakness in the US economy and one likely to further delay an anticipated interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve. Things are no better in Europe and the rest of the first world. Don’t even mention the third world.

The article goes on to suggest that this is a great time to hedge yourself by buying physical gold and silver. We concur. As you consider your next move, have a look at our preferred broker, Golden Eagle Coins, for all your gold and silver purchases.


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