Gold Price Is On The Rise

By | October 14, 2015
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Dateline Oct. 14, 2015: Gold price is on the rise and you need to consider getting into this opportunity. “The precious metal has rallied more than 9 percent from its July low as Fed uncertainty has investors flocking to the safe-haven asset”, according to a recent CNBC article by Amanda Diaz.

The CNBC article goes on to say that at least one trader thinks that the apparent confusion at the Federal Reserve may cause the US dollar to fall from here. There is a negative correlation between gold price and the dollar. This would continue to propel the yellow metal even higher.

Seems like gold may be starting to shine.

Why is Gold Price Rising?

Gold Bullion Coin

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What is contributing to the rise in gold price? In addition to the action at the Federal Reserve, have look around the rest of the world:

  • Mass exodus of people leaving the war-torn Middle East and moving to Europe and beyond.
  • Iran and World Powers sign a flimsy nuke deal.
  • Russia, Iran and Syria are forming a power axis in the Middle East.
  • US foreign policy is shaky.
  • The Chinese economy, so strong for the last decade, is wavering.
  • Venezuela is an economic basket case; it now has hyperinflation.
  • And there are new events happening almost daily…

The word is chaotic in many places, once-stable areas are becoming less stable and economies are faltering. This makes investors seek a safe haven.

Position Yourself: Gold is on the Rise

Gold Bullion Bar

Gold Bullion Bar

This is an excellent time to position yourself in gold. Devoting a portion of your savings to gold could be a wise move in these globally turbulent time.

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