Gold Jumps in August

By | September 2, 2015
Gold Eagle Coin

Gold Eagle Coin

Dateline Sept 2, 2015: August 2015 was a good month for gold. Prices for the yellow metal rose 3.4% for the month, according to a report by CoinNews.  Gold for December delivery closed at $1,132.50 for the month.

In addition, sales of US bullion coins, such as the Golden Eagle coin, surged at the US Mint in August. According to the CoinNews article, American Golden Eagles had their strongest weekly sales for all of 2015 in August. Silver Eagles sales were also strong. Earlier this year, demand exceeded supply and the mint ran out of some coins.

Generally, demand tends to weaken strongly for US Mint bullion coins during the summer months. That has not been the case this year.

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle

Why is the demand for US Bullion on the Increase?

Many of the buyers of gold and silver bullion coins are individual collectors and investors. People are realizing that at the moment, gold and silver prices are low, making the purchase of these coins quite affordable for many. The average Joe also realizes that all is not well in the world, and that gold and silver bullion coins can increase in value, sometimes greatly, when global woes magnify.

Where to Buy Bullion Coins

Great prices for bullion coins can be found at Amazon, eBay and from online coin dealers. Visit Amazon and EBay through the ads in the right sidebar. Then check the prices against those from out preferred broker, Golden Eagle Coins. That way, you’ll be able to purchase your bullion coins at the lowest price.

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6 thoughts on “Gold Jumps in August

  1. Hannah


    I have a relative who may be getting his hands on a large amount of gold bullion some time in the not too distant future.

    He and his close friend who is also involved are currently trying to find a trustworthy person to deal with and make a sale to.

    It’s great to see the price soaring like it is!

    Interesting read.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Hannah,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Good news for your relative. Make sure he or she is aware that eBay is an excellent and reputable place where anyone can sell their gold bullion. The beauty of a venue like eBay is that many eyes will be looking at the listing, and your relative is certain to get a fair and current market price.

  2. Mr. Glass

    I’ve always been interested in this niche, the investing part at least. I would assume one would need to have a nice sum of money to invest, in order to eventually see a profit. Is that correct? Are there other investment strategies, besides buying while the prices are low and selling once they raise again?

    1. Mike Post author

      Mr. Glass,

      Thank you for your comment and your insightful questions. It is a mistake to think that one needs a large sum to invest. In fact, investing small amounts regularly can be a very effective strategy. For example, today you can buy an American Silver Eagle Bullion coin for about $20. If you buy one every month, you will have a nice investment afterr a year or two. If $20/month is well within your range, you will hardly miss the outlay. When you invest like this, you need not worry if you are buying at the bottom; some of your purchases will be at a lower price than others. You can cash out, as you see fit, in a few years as prices rise.

  3. Martin Kelly

    I like the look of your site: That gold and silver really shines! Great pictures! As a gold and silver guy myself I made enough to take a 3-month vacation during the silver boom in the 80s. While investing in physical gold and silver is lucrative you should branch out into ETFs and natural resource recommendations which I did very well in the 2000 time period. Martin Weiss’ company used to come out with some spectacular gold mining plays and up and coming companies….I used to subscribe to a guy called Shawn Broderick called red-hot mining companies you should look him up you could feature this along with your physical bullion and it would still be related to metals good luck like your site.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Martin,

      I appreciate your visit and comments. Indeed, some of the other natural resource plays can be quite lucrative, especially if you can get in early and are on the right side of the trend. Recent action in oil and gas shows that it can be a two way street, so be careful.

      If you are still adding to you gold and silver portfolio, I hope you will buy from the affiliates on this site.


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