Collecting Gold and Silver Coins

Sllver Quarter Dollar

Silver Washington Quarter

Many people enjoy collecting gold and silver coins. In fact, the artistry and numismatic attributes of gold and silver coins make many of them even more valuable than the bullion value of the gold and silver they are made of. When it comes to coin collecting there are many routes to take: US Coins, Canadian Coins, British coins, Ancient coins, and many, many more.  You can focus on circulated, uncirculated and proof grades depending on your collecting desires.

US Gold and Silver Coins

US gold and silver coins form the basis of many excellent collections. All dimes, quarters, halves and dollars minted though 1964 were made of silver. From 1965 onward, with few exceptions, silver was not used in making standard US coins. Here are some of the silver US coins you might like to collect: Barber Dimes and Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes, Standing Liberty Quarters,  Washington Quarters, Walking Liberty Halves, Franklin Halves, Kennedy Halves, as well as Morgan and Peace Dollars.

US Gold Dollar Coin

Pre-1933 Gold Dollar

Up until 1933, the US issued gold coins in several denominations. Some of these coins are particularly beautiful and rare, making for excellent collectibles with extraordinary investment value. Particularly striking is the St. Gaudens $20 gold piece, thought by many to be the most beautiful American coin ever minted. Many extremely valuable gold coins are coveted by collectors.

Canadian Coins

Maple Leaf Coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Canada has minted many beautiful coins in their history as a country. Silver Quarters, Dimes, Halfs and Dollars represent excellent collecting opportunities. As in the US, in the 1960’s they began taking the silver out of their coins as well. In most, but not all cases, the silver content of Canadian coins is 80%, relative the the customary 90% on most pre-1965 US coins.

Collecting gold and silver coins can range from being a pure hobby to a major investment endeavor. For most, is is a mix of both and adds great satisfaction to their lives. Go at your own pace and enjoy your endeavor!

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10 thoughts on “Collecting Gold and Silver Coins

  1. Dan

    I remember about 20 years ago when I was working at McDonald’s, a customer used a silver coin to cover part of his meal. It was either a silver dollar or a 50cent piece I can’t remember. My manager asked me if I wanted to keep it and just pay the missing dollar myself. I was 15 at the time and didn’t care about things like that but today I wish I had. Any idea what something like that would be worth?

  2. Mike

    Thanks Dan. Yes, even today one occasionally can find a silver coin still in general circulation. At this time, Feb 4, 2015, a silver dollar is with $13.30 and a silver half will fetch $6.22. That is for the silver value alone. If the date of the coin is rare, then it could be worth much more.

  3. robbie

    I was brought up in London England , as a kid we use to look for coins on the banks of the Thames, found a few, wish I knew what I did with them.

    1. Mike

      Robbie, Some of those British coins could be quite valuable. Like most countries, UK coinage used to be made of silver and other precious metals. Take a look at some old shillings for example. Come back and visit and continue to learn.

  4. Neil

    I used to collect coins many years ago when I was a young teenager, mostly interesting coins I obtained from doing jobs for my parents. Gold and silver coin collecting is a fantastic hobby.

    Thanks for sharing a little information here on US and Canadian coins, and I have already learned something new.


    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Neil,

      Thanks very much for stopping by and adding your ideas and comments. Be sure to check back frequently as you build up your collection.

  5. RachelLouise56

    I really enjoyed reading this article about coin collecting! You write with a style that any layman could understand… exactly what some of us are looking for! I especially liked the links you provided to other articles for further reading. Great job with this site and I hope to keep up with it as you add pages and posts.

    1. Mike Post author

      Hi Rachel,

      I am very happy that you like the writing style and found the site informative. Please visit again and share with your friends.

  6. Brandon

    Gold and silver does seem like it can be the basis of pretty lucrative investment over time. I know there a lot of coin people out there who are interested in just collecting too, they are not even worried about how much they can get from it. I remember when I was younger I tried collecting all the new quarters from all the different states in the US with my dad that was one of the best moments of my life. Keep up the good work.


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