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By | November 25, 2015



Chinese Panda (image from BCASC)

Chinese Panda Silver Coins have become very popular with collectors and investors alike. The Panda Bear has been China’s international symbol of goodwill and they chose it as iconic image for their modern bullion coinage. They have become a very big part of the global bullion market.

The coins were first minted in 1983, the year after the China Mint introduced the similar Chinese Gold Panda Coin. These silver coins capitalized on the popularity of the Chinese gold bullion coins and gave collectors and investors a lower priced option into the Panda coin market.

Panda Coin Images Change Regularly

Panda Bullion

Panda Bullion Coin

The iconic image of the Panda changes every year on the reverse of Chinese Panda Silver Coins. This makes for an interesting array of strikes for the collector. Many collectors try to assemble a complete set.

The obverse of the coin has remained the static over the years: An image of the “Temple of Heaven”,  located in Beijing.


Panda Specifications

Not the Panda Coin


The Chinese silver Panda Coin is made of 99.9% silver bullion. It is also quite affordable. Thus, it is very popular among investors, especially those who buy a small amount of silver at regular intervals. The coins come in different face values: from 300 Yuan to 3 Yuan. Weights vary from 1 kg to 1/4 ounce bullion-grade silver. The coins have a reeded edge. Some issues have a mintmark, others do not.

Pandas Make Excellent Gifts

Because they are valuable, artistic, and relatively inexpensive, these bullion coins make excellent gifts.

Buy Your Chinese Panda Silver Coins Here

These coins are widely available. Many collectors prefer to buy from online coin dealers with whom they’ve done business for years. BCASC and Golden Eagle Coins are two such dealers who have excellent reviews from many long-standing customers.

Buy Silver Chinese Panda Coins
Amazon is an excellent source for Chinese Panda silver coins as well. Because they sell in such large volume, you’ll likely find a very good price from them.

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