China Gold Purchase

By | July 20, 2015


Dateline July  20, 2015: China is characteristically quiet about their gold purchases but recently has reported out for the first time since 2009, according to a recent article by Eddie van der Walt in Bloomberg. China gold purchase over the years has resulted in 1,658 metric tons of gold in Chinese reserves. This means they have been buying at a rate of about 100 tons of gold each year. The Chinese may be well on their way to 5,000 tons or more.

Drivers of the China Gold Purchase

Several factors appear to be driving the China gold purchase, according to the article. First, the Chinese appear desirous of adding diversity to their reserve base. This would enhance their ultimate goal of having the Yuan added to the International Monetary Fund’s basket of currencies. Although not specifically mentioned in the Bloomberg article, another reason that China might want to accumulate gold is potentially to make the Yuan a gold-backed currency. This would present a direct threat to fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro, which currently control much of the global economy.

China is the world’s largest gold producer. China and India are the top gold consumers in the world. The demand for gold in Asia is strong. Further from the Bloomberg article: “As the banking community in China becomes more sophisticated, we’re going to see gold move east” says Peter Thomas, Sr. Vice President for metals at the Chigaco-based Zaner Group.

What Should You Do?

How does that play out for the average Joe? At this time gold price is very low, being mired in a bear market since 2009. With such low prices, this is an excellent time to consider purchasing gold as a hedge against a potential loss in the value of your savings and investment. You would also be on the right side of the rising Asian gold trend.

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2 thoughts on “China Gold Purchase

  1. Shawn

    Is this the time to be buying gold?
    How much is gold selling for by the ounce today?
    I think China is just investing in its future and this may be the best way profit wise.
    Would you recommend investing in Gold today for a part of the average person’s portfolio?


    1. Mike Post author

      Hello Shawn, Thanks for the visit and the questions. This is probably an excellent time to buy gold. Why? Right now gold is in a bear market and is at it lowest price since 2008, currently going for about $1100/oz. So why is this a good time to buy? The level of pessimism and gloom in this market, or any market for that matter, is often a contrarian indicator. These are the times that savvy investors begin or add to their positions. It the “buy low” part of the adage “buy low, sell high”.


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