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By | September 16, 2016

120px-Gold1ozMany investors prefer to buy their gold bullion as gold bars instead of coins or other forms of gold. These investors tend to buy gold bars online, preferring the ease and discretion of this method. For many bullion investors, gold bars are their primary investment vehicle and the only way they purchase gold.

One of the advantages of buying gold bars over gold coins is that it is cheaper on a weight percent basis. Gold bars generally have a smaller premium over spot gold price than gold coins. Also, gold bars usually have a more refined gold content than many gold bullion coins.

Types of gold bars

Various mints produce gold bars across the globe. The bars are sold by weight, with most bars ranging from 1 gram to 10 oz. There are,120px-Gold_Bars of course, larger bars, but most of these are held by governments in central banks and are not generally available to the private collector and investor.

Some of the popular and most recognized producers of gold bars are Credit Suisse (Swiss), PAMP Suisse (Swiss), Perth Mint (Australian), Sunshine Mint (US), Valcambi (Swiss) and the Royal Canadian Mint (Canada).

The most popular size is the one-ounce gold bar, closely followed by the one-gram and ten-gram bars. The selection of gold bar size is governed by several factors, not the least of which is the investor’s budget. Many investors buy more of the smaller sized bars so that they can sell off a portion of their holdings for a nice profit at times of high gold prices.

Gold bars are widely held and quite liquid, so investors need not worry that they can buy or sell their gold when they wish.

What to look for in Online Sellers

400-oz-Gold-Bars-AB-01It is convenient, safe and easy to buy gold bars online. When you consider where to buy your gold bars, you’ll want to go with the established and respected names. These will provide you with excellent customer service, easy and discreet delivery, quick shipping, excellent communication, and customer privacy and security. Most of the better dealers provide ample testimonial evidence on the satisfaction their customers received. Be sure to check that out.

Where to buy gold bars

There are a number of excellent online dealers to choose from. Our preferred broker is Gold and Silver Coins. Investors can also buy gold bars online through Amazon, where many good deals can be found. I prefer to have an ongoing relationship with one or two preferred dealers. In this way, I can establish continuity help engender excellent service.

Some of the best deals in gold bars can be found on eBay. One of the nice things about shopping for gold bars at eBay is that you can often find good prices for previously owned gold bars. They are just as valuable as newly minted one, but occasionally a financially distressed owner will put them up at a real low price.

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4 thoughts on “Buy Gold Bars Online

  1. Robert Buchanan

    Very informative. I know where to go next time I go to buy gold for advice. Thank You!!!

    1. Mike

      Thanks Robert for your comments. Please let us know if we can help you in any way should you choose to buy gold bars online.

    2. shannel harvey

      Im really beginning to think i shoud invest in gold instead of saving actual money. Its easier to dip into you sterling but a gold bar collection would mean a bit more for me to let go of.

      thanks for the info mike

      1. Mike

        Great to hear from you. Yes, gold bars could be an important component of your investment program. It is very easy, safe and affordable to buy gold bars online.


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