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America’s Most Beautiful Rare Gold Coin

Some people own gold coins for their aesthetic value, others for investment interests. You could serve both purposes with the St. Gaudens $20 gold piece, thought by many to be America’s most beautiful rare gold coin. The St. Gaudens gold coin, also known as a “double eagle”, was produced by the US Mint from 1907… Read More »

Giant Gold Maple Leaf Coin Stolen

Dateline March 28, 2017:  A giant gold maple leaf coin has been stolen from a museum in Germany. According to the BBC, the the super-sized coin was taken at night from the Bode Museum in Berlin. The “Big Maple Leaf” Nicknamed the “Big Maple Leaf”, the enormous coin was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint… Read More »

Utah is Becoming Fed Up with the Fed

Feb. 12, 2017: Utah is becoming “Fed Up with the Fed”.  Like other states such as Texas and Arizona, Utah is considering curtailing its ties with the fiat currency of US Federal Reserve system. Utah is looking to: “Put Trust Back in God and Gold, Rather Than Central Bank”, according to a recent article in The… Read More »