Best Coin Collecting Books

By | January 13, 2017

Silver Dollar: Popular Coin with Collectors

Best Coin Collecting Books

Mercury Dime

Mercury Dime -A Great Collectible Coin

Numerous books have been written to help the coin collector and investor with their chosen pursuit. But which are the best coin collecting books? Here’s a short list that may be helpful and add to your knowledge.

  • A Guide Book of United States Coins 2017: The Official Red Book, by R.S. Yeoman. Known as “The Red Book” or “The Official Red Book of Coins”, this book has been published annually for 68 years. (some of the older editions are actually quite valuable). This is the “go-to” manual for current values, historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data for all United States coins.
  • The Expert’s Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins, by Q. David Bowers. Written by a dealer and collector with well over 50 years of experience, this book will show you exactly how to enjoy your collection and make money from it at the same time. With 653 printed pages and numerous beautiful photos, this book shows you the smart moves  to make with coins as well as the habits of the rare coin collector.
  • 1932 Washington Quarter

    1932 Washington Quarter

    The Coin Collectors Survival Manual, by Scott A. Travers. Written by one of the top insiders in the coin business, this book will educate you on all the tricks have been used by unscrupulous people to sell inferior coins masquerading as more valuable specimens.  Travers will show you how to detect altered and counterfeit coins, how to negotiate for the best deals, and how to best safeguard your collection. The author is the president of Scott Travers Rare Coin Galleries, LLC and former vice-president of the American Numismatic Association.

  • Rare Coin Investing, by David L. Ganz. This book is a treatise on how to invest in affordable coins that are likely to increase in value in the future. Especially written for those interested in broadening their retirement nest-egg beyond stocks and bonds. Ganz includes several case studies on how great coin collections were built starting out with low-cost coins. See how John Jay Pittman, Louis Eliasberg and other famous collectors assembled their collections.
  • Grading Coins by Photographs, by Q. David Bowers. This is simply a great book for the collector and investor in coins. Filled with detailed, high-resolution pictures of the various grades of every US coin from half cents to double eagles, this manual is like having a grading expert at your side.
"Good" vs. "Very Good"

“Good” vs. “Very Good” Morgan Dollar

Coin Books on Specialized Topics

The short list above are general in scope. Excellent books have also been written on more focused topics in coin collection. You can find books on single coin types, such as US three-cent pieces, on particular mints, such as the Carson City Mint, or an particular genres of coins, such as shipwreck coins. 

Do you have a coin collecting book that you would like to share with the readership? Or have you written one? Please drop us a comment with your favorite title.

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