Ancient Roman Coin Found By Hiker in Israel

By | March 19, 2016

Rare Roman Coin

2000-Year-Old Rare Roman Coin (Courtesy: Fox News Science)

Dateline March 18, 2016: Incredibly Rare Coins are found from time to time by people just going about their daily activities. For example: An amazingly rare ancient Roman Coin, found by hiker Laurie Rimon, made big news.

This story is of interest to all coin collectors, history buffs, metal detector enthusiasts and lovers of antquity.

A Hiker’s Prized Find

The Coin's Finder

The Finder (Courtesy: Fox News Science)

As reported in Fox News Science, “Laurie Rimon was hiking with friends at an archeological site in the eastern Galilee when she saw a shiny object in the grass.”

Initial inspection revealed that it was a coin, and probably an old one. The hiking party contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority, who received the coin and determined that it was a rare, 2,000-year-old coin bearing the image of Emperor Augustus.

The article goes on to say that the gold coin dates to 107 AD. It was one of a series of coins that the Roman Emperor Trajan minted. These coins commemorated the Roman emperors that ruled before Trajan.  Only one other coin of this kind is known and is held by the British Museum in London.

Ancient Roman Coins

Although many people collect coins, only a small percentage of them focus on coins from antiquity. Roman coins, in particular, are interesting. Rome was the ruler of the known world; inscriptions and designations on their coins reflect their imperial power and details about their civilization.

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