40 Percent Silver Coins

By | August 10, 2016
1974-S Eisenhower Dollar

1974-S Eisenhower Dollar

40 percent US silver coins mark an important part of American history. The US was in the process of shifting from currency and coinage backed by or made of precious metals to a fiat currency system. The last years of silver in American Coinage, from 1965 to 1974, was marked by the transition form 90 percent silver dimes, quarters and half dollars to the modern clad coinage, which has no silver content at all, instead being made of a copper-nickel mix. While the US government attempted to wrestle with this significant change, the price of silver immediately responded with a push higher.

40 Percent Silver Coins: Varieties

Kennedy Half Dollars for general business circulation were minted with 40 percent silver from 1965 to 1970. From 1971 onwards they were produced with no silver content at all. In addition to the popular Kennedy Halves,  The Eisenhower Dollar with the “S” mintmark was made with 40 percent silver from 1971 to 1974. Finally, special bicentennial coins, produced for collectors but not for general business circulation, were made of 40 percent silver in the case of the “S”-minted Bicentennial Halves and Dollars sold by the US Mint.

1968 Kennedy Half Dollar

1968 Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy Dollars are the most common and easily collectible types of 40 percent silver coins. The front of the coin bears the image of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. On the reverse is a beautifully designed spread eagle in full regalia. Many collectors appreciate this coins for their historical value, remembering the tumult of period of American History in the 1960s.

Why Purchase 40 Percent Silver Coins?

For many collectors and investors, 40 percent silver coins represent a very affordable and easy way to begin investing in precious metals. Accumulating these pieces when silver prices are low, as they are at the time of this writing, gives most everyone the opportunity to participate in the inevitable rice in silver price going forward. The market for these coins is very liquid, meaning that when you wish to sell for a profit, it will be very easy to do so.

Where to buy 40 Percent Silver Coins

These coins are available at very reasonable prices from bullion dealers, coin shops, and at venues such as eBay and Amazon. Have a look at our preferred broker, Golden Eagle Coins, who offer 40 percent silver coins at great prices.


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