Monthly Archives: January 2016

eBay Gold Bars

Dateline Jan 26, 2016: Now eBay is selling eBay gold bars. For years, eBay has been a great place to shop for gold coins and bullion. Gold bars  can be purchased from eBay, the premier online marketplace, usually at very reasonable prices just above spot. The Scoop about eBay-Branded Bullion Lately, however, eBay’s fascination with gold… Read More »

How Does Gold Correlate to Stocks?

Dateline January 17, 2016: It may be timely to ask: How does gold correlate to stocks as investments? So far the new year has been brutal for those invested in stocks, with major losses during the first month of the year. Whether that continues throughout 2016 is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, it is timely to look at the relationship between precious… Read More »

What’s In A Dime?

Dateline January 9, 2016: What’s in a dime? Or, more precisely, what’s a dime worth? What’s in a dime?:  It depends on the dime. Common Modern American Dimes Since 1965, all US dimes are made of a cheap alloy that contains no silver. These dimes consist of 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel and weigh 2.268 grams. According to Coinflation,… Read More »

Should I Get My Coins Graded? – A Review

As time goes on, every collector or investor in coins becomes interested in the quality of his holdings. Inevitably this brings up the question of Coin Grading. The collector-investor becomes aware of “professionally graded coins” versus “raw coins.” They begin to wonder: “Should I get my coins graded?” Coin Grading: An Assessment of a Coin’s Quality and… Read More »