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Australian Koala Coin

Showcasing the Marvelous Marsupial in Bullion The Australian Koala Coin has been produced as a series of limited-edition issues by the the Australian Perth Mint. These bullion coins are minted to commemorate Australia’s iconic animal, the koala, while it is perched in a eucalyptus tree as it browses for its favorite food. The coin comes in silver, gold and platinum… Read More »

Chinese Panda Silver Coins

  Chinese Panda Silver Coins have become very popular with collectors and investors alike. The Panda Bear has been China’s international symbol of goodwill and they chose it as iconic image for their modern bullion coinage. They have become a very big part of the global bullion market. The coins were first minted in 1983, the… Read More »

Buy Gold From Amazon

From its beginnings as a simple online bookstore to its current status as the largest online retailer in the United States, Amazon has become the go to place to shop for just about anything. And, of interest to us, you can find some great deals on gold bullion on Amazon: Rare gold bullion coins, gold… Read More »

Scarce Modern US Commemorative Coins

Scarce modern US commemorative coins may well be a great investment to make now. Over the last two decades, the Untied States had minted numerous commemorative silver and gold bullion-grade coins. Most of these commemorate key individuals, events and locations in American history. Themes such as African-American Patriots, National Parks, Historic Landmarks and the Olympics… Read More »

Significance of the 1964 Silver Quarter

The 1964 silver quarter is the last year of issue of silver quarters for general circulation by the US Mint. Up until and including 1964, the US quarter dollar coin was composed of 90 percent silver. Beginning in 1965 and continuing to the present day, US quarters for business circulation have no silver content. They… Read More »