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Will Gold Keep Rising?

Dateline May 23, 2015: Will gold keep rising? As we proceed through a few year now of low gold prices, we begin to notice some signs that gold is starting to move higher. An insightful article recently published by  Ben Lockhart on the Seeking Alpha website outlines some observations he has made that suggests a… Read More »

Silver Graduation Coins

It’s that time of the year: Graduation Time! The hard work and rigors of months and years of study are finally paying off. Perhaps you’d like to celebrate the graduate in your life in a special way, with a tangible and beautiful gift of enduring value. This is the time to consider the gift of silver… Read More »

Solar Silver: Why Silver will rise in Price

Silver has often played second fiddle to gold as far as precious metals go. But because of solar silver values might be about to change…to the upside. Solar Silver: The Trigger for Higher Prices For the last three years, silver has been trapped in a major bear market as investors have flocked to other investments. However, in… Read More »

Royal Canadian Mint Profits

Royal Canadian Mint profits were the second highest in the facility’s history in 2014, according to a recent article appearing in Coin Week. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the Royal Canadian Mint. They are a global leader in the minting industry, with a state-of-the-art production facility, a wide spectrum of bullion products, and… Read More »

2015 American Eagle Gold Coin

The newest edition of the American gold bullion coin, the Uncirculated 2015-W American Eagle Gold Coin,  is now available. The new mintage was released by the US mint at West Point on April 30, 2015. The $50 coin consists of one-ounce, 22-karat gold. It is composed of  91.67% Gold, 3.0% Silver, with the remainder Copper.  The coin weighs… Read More »