Monthly Archives: March 2015

The World is Running Out of Gold!

Dateline March 31, 2015: According to a recent MarketWatch article, the world may run out of mineable gold in another 20 years. Citing Goldman Sachs, gold as well as mineable zinc, platinum, diamond and nickel are in short supply and could soon be mined out. Gold has been used as a storehouse of value for over… Read More »

Gold Prices Will Bottom Out in 2015

Dateline March 31,2015: Gold prices will bottom out in 2015, according to a recent Reuters article by Jan Harvey.  Several factors will conspire to cause the two-year-long slide in precious metals to bottom out, including: Better prospects for gold sales in Asia, which will increase demand. The beginning of the Federal Reserve’s rate-rising cycle later this year,… Read More »

Asian Gold Demand to Double

Dateline March 20, 2015: Asian demand for gold is set to double by 2030 and boost bullion prices to a record as investment and jewelry purchases climb, particularly in China and India, according to a Bloomberg article by Phoebe Sedgman. The buying will be spurred on by rising affluence in many Asian countries. Demand in… Read More »

Gold Could Reach $1400 an Ounce

Dateline Mar 14, 2015: Gold could easily rebound to $1400/ounce according to an article by Paul LaMonica in CNN Money. Earlier this year, gold briefly topped $1300/ounce but since has dropped over 10%. Why the drop: the dollar is strong. The price of gold tends to move inversely with the greenback. It rises when people… Read More »