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Invest in Carson City Mint Coins

Carson City mint coins are much sought after by collectors and investors. Many, if not most, of these coins are of low mintage and are quite rare. They tend to command high prices. Most collectors are familiar with and have many specimens of coins minted by the Philadelphia, Denver and SanFrancisco mints. In addition to… Read More »

Biggest Gold Hoarders

Dateline Feb 26, 2015: Who are the biggest hoarders of gold in the world? Rich loners with visions of Armagedden? You may be surprised to know that, according to the Business Cheat Sheet,  some of the world’s most advanced and prosperous nation hold the most gold. This despite the fact that their currencies are not based… Read More »

Gold Fundamentals Look Good

Dateline Feb. 24, 2015. According to the Hindu Business Line, a leading Indian business source, the fundamentals for gold look particularly good. On the demand side, they see “continued strength in Asia and throughout the emerging markets”, while on the supply side, they “do not believe there is a large enough pipeline of new projects to satisfy… Read More »

China: Huge Gold Demand

Dateline Feb 22, 2105: China just kicked off their New Year, the Year of the Ram. Coiniciding with the Chinese New Year is a lot of gold buying by Chinese citizens. In fact, China is consuming more gold than the world is producing, according to a report by Frank Holmes. The article goes on to say… Read More »

1000-year-old Gold Coins Found

Dateline Feb. 20, 2015: An Israeli dive team stumbled upon a find of 2,000 gold coins dating back to the last millennium. The haul was found in the harbor of the biblically important town of Caeserea. The golden trove was in near-perfect condition even though it was exposed to salt water for a thousand years, attributed by experts to gold’s… Read More »

Rare Washington Quarters for Investors

The Washington quarter has been minted by the US from 1932 and continues to the present day. Originally made of 90% silver, since 1965 it has no silver content. So, the more valuable quarters are those made of silver from 1932-1964. But of these, which are the truly rare Washington quarters and most sought after by collectors and… Read More »

1964 Roosevelt Dime: Low-cost Silver Investment

  If you are just beginning and are relatively short of funds you may wish to consider very common, high-mintage silver dimes to start with. Nothing fits this description better than the 1964 Roosevelt Dime. This was the last year US dimes were made of silver, and the mints went out with a bang, producing lots… Read More »

SIlver: Best Performing Investment of 2015?

Dateline Feb. 14, 2015: Of course no one has a 100% accurate crystal ball, but nevertheless, some prognosticators do have a penchant for getting  future predictions correct. In a recent Seeking Alpha article, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics, argues that silver is at a cyclical bottom, demand is high, and that 2015 will be… Read More »

America’s Most Beautiful Rare Gold Coin

Some people own gold coins for their aesthetic value, others for investment interests. You could serve both purposes with the St. Gaudens $20 gold piece, thought by many to be America’s most beautiful rare gold coin. The St. Gaudens gold coin, also known as a “double eagle”, was produced by the US Mint from 1907… Read More »

Central Banks Increase their Gold Reserves

Dateline Feb 13, 2015: According to Bloomberg Financial News, Central banks have increased their gold reserves, adding 477.2 metric tons of gold to their holdings, the second-biggest increase in 50 years and 17 percent more than a year earlier. The U.S. and Germany hold the most in gold reserves, with the metal making up about… Read More »