Monthly Archives: January 2015

Gold jumps 8% in January

Dateline January 30, 2015:  Gold is moving higher. Gold closed out a strong January 2015, leaping January 8% higher, its best monthly percentage gain since January 2012. Time to Buy Gold Online. Return to Homepage

New Highs for Gold?

Dateline Jan 28, 2015: Noted commentator Peter Schiff is suggesting gold may see new highs. Check out the info here. Return to Homepage

Gold and Silver on Amazon

Formerly a simple online bookstore, now the largest online retailer in the United States, Amazon has become a great place to shop for just about anything. And, of interest to us, you can find some great deals on gold and silver on Amazon. Rare gold and silver coins as well as gold and silver bars… Read More »

Silver Coin Collecting Tips

For the beginner, silver coins are often the best of the precious metals to start with.  Up until 1965, it was the major component of dimes, quarters, half dollars in the United States. There is a large supply of silver coins available to purchase for investment and collecting. Many of these silver coins can be purchased… Read More »

Review of JM Bullion

In order to invest and collect in gold and silver coins you must acquire them. Buying gold and silver online is easy, safe and affordable. Here at Gold and Silver Investors, we suggest you make your first and subsequent purchases online through one of our advertisers, JM Bullion. JM Bullion is an online retailer that supplies individual… Read More »